Suggestions for Good Solo Travelling

2010-01-31 22:51:42

Some suggestions for your next travel:
1. whenever you buy something, leave something else behind (e.g. if you get a new shirt, give the old one away)
2. have a minimum travel time of 3 weeks
3. goal should be to meditate, hence you are searching for detachment from reality, awareness, inner peace, sense of belonging to the world, letting it all go.

It is a roller coaster of feelings, especially when you travel by yourself as you will be exposed to greater dangers, loneliness, difficulty in grasping the benefits of travelling alone, and no one to share your emotions with. If you travel with someone else, the experience will be much less absolute but still good as long as you will allow time for yourself. The positive side of having a travel buddy is that you can think out loud, debate, defend or abandon your arguments, and perhaps more quickly find your way.
Whether you opt to begin the travel alone or not, the experience of fully opening up to the world will allow you to reassess your life and put things back into perspective. You will more easily recognise right from wrong, re-establish life priorities, discover truths about man/life/universe.


2010-01-18 18:41:11

I love to witness my awareness growing as I travel alone to new places. My 5 senses get fully activated and capture so much more information (leading to feelings and emotions) than they usually do.
This is the reason why I often say that travelling for me is a sort of meditation. It represents one of the few moments when I can experience full awareness.
Although I always try to improve my approach to travelling by adding further simplicity, calm and relaxation, I often find myself departing with a structured plan of places to visit and things to do. My written plan inevitably ends up progressively losing shape and my role during the trip shifts from being an attentive observer (a tourist) to a participant. As the trip goes on, I generally find myself taking less and less pictures as I absorb more and more of what surrounds me.