"A man really writes for an audience of about ten persons. Of course if others like it, that is clear gain. But if those ten are satisfied, he is content" -- Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947)
I enjoy writing and I do it from the desire of sharing certain thoughts on topics that permeate and fullfill my life, not from the necessity of sale. Here is the complete selection of my books. By clicking on the covers you will be redirected to more informative websites.

Formats: Hardcover / Paperback / Kindle

Strategic Management and the Circular Economy

An attempt to bridge the theory-practice gap by putting forward a detailed step-by-step process for analysis, formulation, and planning of CE strategies.
[Routledge, 2018]

Entrepreneurship at the Bottom of the Pyramid

A powerful investigation of the conditions under which entrepreneurship can improve the life of the poor. A multiple awards winning book.
[Routledge, 2015]

Unstructured Processes of Strategic Decision Making

A highly technical monograph discussing how to make complex decisions and achieve successful outcomes.
[Lambert Publishing, 2009]

A New Idea is Forming...

Possibly a new title in the sports category. Just need the time and motivation to get the ball rolling. Publishers are invited to get in contact.
[..., 2025]